Presently, shipping usually range $400-450. It depends the weight of the pup and the type of airlines. United is usually the cheapest from Cody, wy and Billings, mt.

We do meet people at Cody or Billings Airport.

 We start the puppies at 3 weeks on Nubian goat milk with dry food to add calcium to their bodies while the mother dog is nursing.  The extra Protein & calcium helps with bone development. Then we start weaning  around 5 weeks of goat's milk due to the puppies eating more dry food.

The puppies are under veterinarian care from birth to the time the puppies are ready to leave. The puppies start vet visits from 72 hours after birth dewclaws removed.

TAils are docked at request before birth of the puppy.  

the vet also vaccinates the puppies for documentation purpose. This way the puppies are seen by the vet several times before leaving to their new home. 


Please remember if we can meet you that would be great.