Thank you for your interest in our Clumbers.   We live about 70 miles from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. When we moved from Kansas to Wyoming in 2012, we brought our 2 Clumber Spaniels with us.  Duetsche, our male, is from some great show lines in Europe.  Duetsche is a robust healthy boy that you can find either laying on Jim's feet or at a sporting event.  Izzy which is retired now.   Her mother was being shown when we met the handler.  We traveled to meet Izzie's owners and parents. We feel in love with Izzie and thought her father was so beautiful with the sweetest personality.  Izzie had unbelievable nose for the field work. It was fun watching her flushing up pheasants or grouse. 

Jim is the principal at Powell High School in Powell, WY.  I'm retired from Special Ed. teaching when we left Kansas in 2012.  This gives me the time for my two favorite past times. I thoroughly enjoy training our dogs to be therapy dogs. Once a year, I might have a litter of pups. Clumber puppies are the best therapy for the elderly to hold and introducing toddlers or young children to a puppy. Yes, I use the puppies part of my therapy program.

Jim enjoys working with the dogs on retriever in his spare time. Our first clumber was Jim's best hunting partner with his lab. Majority of clumbers have shown great nose for the field. It is fun watching them working in the field. 

 I also enjoy visiting my grandchildren in Kansas and Texas a few times a year.   We do keep a watch for the perfect one to replace Izzie.   I also like to compete and train our pups. Besides training a dog in therapy, I am now learning to train in agility. 

Our pups have gone to homes all over United States as pets.  Before our current Clumbers, we had Gus. He showed us what an outstanding breed Clumbers are.

Jim and I found the Clumber Spaniel breed about 20 years ago. He had looked for a hunting companion for his Labs for years, but could not find a breed that hunted and worked as close as our labs.  Not only did he find a good hunting companion, but  found a great pal. Clumber Spaniels are always ready for an adventure whether it's hunting, hiking, walks or going to an outside sporting event.  Clumbers are also great couch potatoes.  On Sunday afternoons you can find Jim and Duestche curled up on the floor, sharing a pillow, watching the Kansas City Chiefs play football.  The girls and I are not into football, so we prefer to go for walks in the country or work on a skill like obedience or agility.

We prefer our puppies go to homes who want a companion with limited registration.  





Our home in Powell, WYoming





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